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Grandma is Lost

Dark clouds on the horizon
As the family assembled
In their ancestral home to
Visit their octogenarian Mother
An old lady with deep wrinkles
Sad eyes and sagging cheeks
Seated on a cushioned cane chair
She just glared stubbornly at them
Holding a spoon firmly in her hand
Vehemently refusing to touch the soup
In the plate placed before her as
She believed that it had been poisoned

All the coaxing and cajoling
By each member of the family
Both individually and collectively
Was of absolutely no avail
She just seemed to be repeating
That her family wanted to be rid of her
So that they could get access
To her substantial savings
Her children looked on in shock
Their Mother always a gentle lady,
Had suddenly undergone
A personality change

The youngest granddaughter
Began to weep uncontrollably
Something strange had happened
Her grandmother was not the same
The old lady no longer had kindly eyes
Instead she wore a haggard haunted look
Like the cruel witch in her fairy tale book
The doctor was finally summoned
To explain the horrible change
One look at the lady and
He did calmly proclaim
That she was just another victim
Of the infamous Alzheimer’s disease
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More By  :  Sandra Martyres

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