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by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
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yesteryear's secrets --
a phone number in a teen's
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April 17, 2016
More By: Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thank you, Mr.RD Ashby for your considered opinion on the poem. A simple 'wow' does justice to a single reader, it doesn't cut across the literary mass. The reader need to say what caught his imagination in the poem/essay, or else he is a mere reader. Ava Gardener has made TS Eliot great or else very few would have read and understood the depth in Eliot's creations.
There is a saying in sanskrit, 'Satyam ek, biprah bahdha badanti' (Truth is one, the wise narrate in different ways.) The reader has the freedom to interpret in his own ways. Thank you once again, Mr. Ashby, for reading and airing your views.

04/18/2016 06:16 AM

Comment Thank you, Bijay babu. A person or a statement, it is said, is of relevance when we react. A poem comes to life only when the readers see life in it. Had the readers said just 'wow' after reading The Daffodils, would the poem been considered the best creation ever??
'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever' is just not a line of a poem but a moon sailing across the sky. The readers give life to any literary creation.

04/18/2016 06:03 AM

Comment Wow cannot check me with this exclamatory slip of tongue in wonder and amazement, but some words will definitely come following. When there is a volcanic eruption, lava, ashes, matters, smokes and gases too come out, not merely that.
Wow, it was a great knock and the batman after striking seeing his bat in amazement!

bijay kant dubey
04/18/2016 02:25 AM

Comment My heart wants to read so read I, assess and evaluate I, take to liking and reading as I understand him most. Had I not, I would not have. Evaluating him, now think I myself a Kumarendra Mallick poetry expert and if someone sends a thesis on his poetry, I shall likely be an external examiner.
My God, ultimately You turned me into a supposed to be Ph.D. examiner! Had it been earlier, I would have got my M.Phil. students registered on his poetry from the Distane Directorate of Periyar Univ., Annamalai Univ. and Vinayaka Mission's Deemed Univ., but all of my students have already finished their dissertations.
My poems for the first time appeared in debonair magazine published from Bombay in 1989 April with the comments of poet Adil Jussawalla. Thirty pages of criticism have appeared on my poetry from Authorspress, new Delhi. I also a part of the five-poet anthology published from Jaipur

bijay kant dubey
04/18/2016 02:18 AM

Comment Wow, what an idea! Excellent, well done, bravo! It's great, nicely done! But when fail I, shall, oops, something went wrong!
Good God, thank you very much. To say in A.G.Gardiner's words, On Saying Please.
Reading maketh a man and writing an exact man and conference a ready man.
But constructive criticism is something different other than verse writing and contemporary writing can only flourish when there is someone to read and assess though no assessor am I, just keep reading and attempting to paraphrase and checking my knowledge and understanding. Here in English Honours, unseen poems are are put summarizing. So is my exercise here. If one goes through the critical portions and review works of K.R.S.Iyengar, P.Lal and V.K.Gokak, one will come to feel it.
Suppose a haiku is in one's courses of studies and the marks for it is 15 then how to take up will be a question?
Bijay Kant Dubey

bijay kant dubey
04/18/2016 02:03 AM

Comment The haiku speaks for itself without need for elaboration - that surely is its appeal. You will notice all comments by readers in the past are spontaneous, as in one word 'wow' indicating they have grasped its meaning and implications instantly. 'Onion rings' of meaning can be read into any simple statement. For example, 'The fork is on the table' - what fork? whose table? Does it imply someone is looking for the fork? etc. This exaggerated exercise is what Prof Dubey, endorsed by Dr Mallick, is about., and what I call reading too much into a poem. Onion rings of meaning have a mendacious quality, since they are not what the statement reveals but subjectively conjured up by a reader as what is, which may or may not be true. I advise prof Dubey to join other impressed readers and to simply say, 'wow'.

04/17/2016 17:45 PM

Comment A difficult poem is it in essence, I do admit it, how to make, un-make it? Yesteryear's secrets a phone number in the teen's hanky, what does he mean to say? Perhaps a memento, a memorabilia, a souvenir; a milestone; a memory, a diary. Let bygones be bygones. Yesterday's love letters; today's message texting, phone call, WhatsApp. Forget me not. Youth is a blunder, have you not heard? The mistakes of adolescence. An unknown phone number sending missed phone calls knowingly or unknowingly?

bijay kant dubey
04/17/2016 14:24 PM

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