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Corruption Free Society

by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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There is a lot of talk about corruption in society.
Tell me how a society can be corruption free?
The social paradigms in which we live are:
profit and competition.
Such paradims can never give
a corruption free society.

If there is no competition,
individuals do not grow.
If there is no profit,
corporates do not grow.
If people do not grow,
who will lead?
If there are no leaders,
there will be chaos in society.
And why anybody will take the pains to lead,
if he has no incentive!

Not everybody can be
a Tagore, a Vivekanand,
an Aurobindo or a Jagdish Bose!
Not too many laws
will emancipate us.
Emancipation can come
only from within.

Sharing, fraternity, co-existence,
raising the downtrodden,
less opulence,
less plundering of natural resources,
these only can give less corruption.


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Comments on this Poem

Comment The concept of God is a realization
born out of life's experiences.
Science too knowlege
acquired from keen observation
and ideas tested systematically.
Human beings sure will get around problems
if they strive to understand the paradigms
and the inherent problems
that arise out of the applications.
Jainism suggessted Ahimsa, Anekatavad,
multiple solutions to a single problem.
Snaai Baaba said: Have respect and patience.
Buddha suggested the middle path.
Islam said pay obeisance to Allah
five times for he has provided so much.
Christianity said, the meek shall rule;
and Christ took all the pain and suffering
for all the sins of all humans.
Guru Nanak said, there is that Only One.
And Gita said about three Yogas,
and suggested you choose yours
and you will reach Moksha.
Ramakrisna and Bahaullah said
all religions lead you to the same place.
Science is part of Karma Yoga,
as well as Gnan Yoga.
So Sir, you need all the religions
to be a true human being
and Science to be a Modern Human being.
That will be Life Divine of Shri Aurobindo.

28-Dec-2011 12:43 PM

Comment Science has undermined both Christian hope of an after-life and Hindu belief in moksha by a worldly ethic of doing good for good's sake to bring about present time fulfilment with no other expectations. It proves perhaps too high an ideal for many not constrained by it.

28-Dec-2011 08:43 AM

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