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Sell and Be Damned

by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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Why the current society sells sex so much?
Because the male society
after a day's hard work
wants to booze
and have sex
and go to sleep
and wake up for the next day's nonsensical hard work!

And what is that nonsensical hard work?
Sell as many units as possible
to as many people one possibly can,
whether they need them or not,
so that the balance sheet looks decent
and the person gets good next year increment!
For that, one has to learn management
by earning a costly management degree.

How good has been your learning?
Can one make people fall
for a trivial thing?
Yes, one can.
Print a photo in print media
of an under-clad or over-clad man
clutching an under-clad woman.

Make any woman feel
that she can be a bitch or a witch or an 'apsara'
by using a certain beauty product
prepared from possibly fish-scales,
and extracts of all kinds of herbs
and fruits and flowers and eggs.

What should be eaten can be daubed
on to a woman's skin or scalp
so that the male libido will just burst out
treating a beautiful woman like a bitch!

Can such a society be mentally healthy,
violence free, and last long?



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