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I Am Dying

by Rupradha Mookerjee
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The night slips watching the starry sky
It makes me feel like you are nearby
Just under the same roof you lie
Yet your absence makes me cry.
I wake up early in the dawn
I stroll alone in the roads of Boston,
Far away from your country, your city
I wonder if you are in my serendipity!
Can’t forget a single thing about you,
Can’t take the hurt am going through,
Every night your dreams chase me,
I just wish one day you could see!
Unable to hide my tears in front of people
I have to give lame excuses of my tears ripple;
Can’t express my agony to anyone, you know,
How much negligence do you still have to show?
One day of love and then one lifetime of pain
Will you miss me if I never meet you again?
Restlessly lying in solitude’s shore,
I am dying, I can’t take this anymore.


More By  :  Rupradha Mookerjee

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Comments on this Poem

Comment I request to you please don't die as this.For,You have to play your part very well as God has handed over
you.When, you recognize & do His provided work in your,the best manner even it is in any kind of field.Then,you
should not worry, Rest of all leave for Him.He will take care of you Himself.Please
only feel yourself in shelter of God and all will be
Okey.A lot of thanks for heart felt expression Rupradha Ji.Please Be make yourself bold,positive and live happily even in despair.Thanks again for your tolerance power for agony.Thank you very much.

Nathmal Sharma
07-Aug-2014 15:23 PM

Comment Thanks to all of you! I am deeply touched..

30-Sep-2011 12:02 PM

Comment Rupradha, your songs of separation are more painful than those of Shakuntala in the hermitage of Sage Kanva (for you it is Boston); at the time of writing this poem I was just 50 miles south of your place of stay.
Congratulations for the choice of the editor! Love.

27-Sep-2011 00:01 AM

Comment Rupradha,
I thoroughly can relate to your words....except I am in Toronto instead of Boston!
Few weeks ago i write similar emotions on my blog at boloji -- under 'Shaheen Sultan Dhanji' -- the verse is called, "everytime I think of you", take a look if you have time!

Keep writing...you articulated beautifully. Thank you for sharing your 'solitudes shore", perhaps, we are sharing the same shore!

Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

Shaheen Sultan Dhanji
26-Sep-2011 22:34 PM

Comment Hardly find a rhymed poem now-a-days. Tagore said- Just as the guard of the two banks of a river boosts its flow, so does guard of rhyme heightens aesthetics and it was so in your beautiful poem.
Rajat Das Gupta
Kolkata, 25 September 2011

Rajat Das Gupta
25-Sep-2011 10:51 AM

Comment A couple is going through this phase at the moment....it seems tailor made for them. emotions very nicely expressed..

Hema Ravi
25-Sep-2011 02:00 AM

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