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A Creator Sublime

Human ties
Make you wise;
Discover a gem:
Rise above them.

Behind what's manifested
Is what's not manifested:
There's an invisible source,
There's an invisible force.

Discover your caretaker;
Discover your maker:
Beyond space and time,
A creator sublime.

Humbly dedicated to Nathmalji


More By  :  Kulbir Bhalla

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Kulbir Ji, I have a lot of to say.But I shan't speak a single word on it.For, this
nice content matter will be extended unnecessarily.So please excuse me.
Thank you for your heart touching thoughts.Sorry.

Nathmal Sharma
06-Jul-2013 15:09 PM

Comment Nathmalji,

Thank you so much for your appreciation but I disagree with what you wrote in the end.

True poetry resides with Him, the invisible one. When you align with Him, it may flow thru you.

If I sit down to write, I struggle. Words don't come. There's no flow.

But when you focus on Him, see His beauty, do His duty, then you glow.


02-Jul-2013 19:19 PM

Comment Dear Kulbir Ji,I was busy for some days .But as I opened boloji website ,I found this philosophical poem on Supreme God ,the creator of the universe.I felt nice.Thank you. It is a very highly approached & a deep poem. it is only
kind of you Sir that you have dedicated this poem to me.Really I don't deserve for this.I am a simple man of bone & flash.Kulbir Ji, I want to say that it is only your good qualities which have been always reflected in my comments.Man comes, plays his role & returns to it's creator.He is a bundle
of goods and evils.There is a great need to enlighten the goods and purify
the evils.As a teacher, I try my best to develop the human values as well as merit in my students.In above lines you have depicted your transparent and
very keen views on the creator of this world.I felt nice to read it.Though I am
not able for high performance of dedication,yet I respect ,adorn & appreciate your emotions and presentation.I also salute your wisdom.God bless you.A
lot of thanks again.Please be write regularly.If someone asks me,"Where does true poetry live?" I will say,"It resides in Kulbir's heart, mind & sight." With regards.

Nathmal Sharma
02-Jul-2013 12:56 PM

Comment A poem on almighty and its dedication to Nathmal Ji is absolutely fine. I am very fond of his honest and heartfelt reviews,

01-Jul-2013 12:17 PM

Comment excellent dedication to Nathmal ji!!

rupradha mookerjee
30-Jun-2013 12:57 PM

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