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Personal Space

I don’t like people

Invading my personal space

The word itself is

Anathema to many

They feel that

I am haughty and a recluse


Yes, I prefer to be 

Alone and refrain

From unwanted talk

Or chat on useless

Things around me

Tell me are they worth?


Silence is golden 

Calmness is soothing

Reading is learning

Writing is exercise

Painting is beautiful

Do you call these bad?


Imagine a place 

With pure air

Cloudless sky

And chilly weather

Unknown fragrance

Of blossomed flowers


Sitting in the height 

Watching the nature

With none to disturb

None to annoy

None to nag

Isn’t that wonderful?


I wish to live in a place 

Where there's no noise

No interference

No rules and rigidity,

Just dream of my love

Or my lost love


Since we are born 

And brought up among

Noise and crowd

Soon we long for it

Because we are

More a social animal


Yet, I don’t want anyone 

To pity me or praise me

Leave me alone

Please do not

Trespass into

My Precious Personal Space


More By  :  G Swaminathan

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