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The Summer Poems

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Take me with you

Lone traveler take me with you
Where are you going?
Whom are you going to meet?
Lone traveler who are you?
Are you in me -
Are you traveling to meet me?
Am I in you -
So close that you cannot see me
You look for me outside?

Lone traveler take me with you
We seek each other.

I am going alone

Alone on the Path
For many years
Many lifetimes
I am walking alone
From one point to another
Sometimes in a breath
Sometimes in years
Traveling over lifetimes
No, I have not moved
Still at that point of stillness
I am moving
Moving an inch

I am the Movement
I am the Stillness
I am the Opposites.

Are you alone, still

Who is sitting in your House?

Are you alone
Still alone
Or are you
Unaware that
The vacant spaces
In your House
Have been filled
By the traveling wind

Look in
Were you ever alone
Or were you always
Looking for the moving wind
To travel through your House?

Traveling over ages

In these few days
I have traveled over ages'

Dark gullis
Wide roads
Green, yellow mustard fields
A rose garden
The sea
The moon
The stars

In these days
I have searched a lot
Meanings behind each gulli
Each road
Each green field
In the panorama of my mind

I feel aged; spent
Traveling through ages in time.

Distance from you

Is it the distance that attracts me?
To the feeling of closeness
Is it the uncertainty that draws me?
Am I in need of you in my life?
Or is it my own sense of need I love
Are you the mirror of my doubts?
Or the well of my loneliness
Are you the face of my insecurities, or -
Are you the meaning of my Search?


More By  :  Julia Dutta

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