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While Vishnu Speaks

by Jerry Sarvas
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While Vishnu Speaks
I gaze deeply into your dazzling eyes
drinking in your alluring charms
exploring each and every curve
delighting in your beauty

While Vishnu Speaks
Enveloping tender caresses
I lavish upon your temple
As my fingers explore
Your contours and curves
Such an enchanting demeanor!
svaha svaha svaha

While Vishnu Speaks
Lord Shiva's deluge engulfs the 3 worlds
Guru Shukracharya hangs upside down
For a year breathing chili pepper smoke
To win the prized Sanjivani mantra

While Vishnu Speaks
I offer puja to your hips
My pranams to your delicious bum
Sun Salutations to your delightful laughter
Koti Koti Namaskars to your inviting lips

While Vishnu Speaks
My hand cups your soothing breast
I delight in the smooth silkiness of your skin
That cools me as I stroke
Your supple femininity

While Vishnu Speaks
My lips explore
While Vishnu Speaks
My tongue craves more
While Vishnu Speaks
My eyes imbibe
While Vishnu Speaks
My heart revives
While Vishnu Speaks
I'm nourished by your melodious voice
While Vishnu Speaks
Our arms embrace

What did Vishnu say?
I couldn't say, I was focused on you.

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