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Rati Leela

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As I was growing up I heard stories of Krishna's beauty
The Lord who enchanted the Gopis with his flute
Mesmerized them to a state of ecstatic union
Where they forgot themselves and were absorbed in bliss
Krishna was the epitome of grace and charm
What a guy!

As I grew up I searched all around
Looking to find the Krishna that I had heard of
But nowhere were examples of him to be seen
The world seemed impotent, deprived and barren of such a reality
All I saw were power-hungry, controlling, abusive, angry men
Or I saw men, who were submissive, depressed, fearful, worried
No wonder I was oscillating between these two extremes myself
It was utterly frustrating
Why can't I be like Krishna?
Can't love and lust, passion and care coexist?
Is this so completely impossible?

Then one night as I slept I heard a voice
A voice of a woman who called herself Rati
She said, you've struggled with this question for long, haven't you?
In that moment I knew
that she did have the answer to my question
I just tuned into her completely
She went on…
Did you know that I was the only Gopi there was?
There weren't really sixteen thousand Gopis you heard of
There weren't! I exclaimed.
Yup. Only one my dear. Only one! She replied
Then are these stories all wrong? I asked in bewilderment

Not wrong but perhaps half-truths.
I'll tell you the complete story
And she narrated…
There was a Gopi, who was really sad, depressed, isolated
She sat alone under a tree thinking how worthless she was
Deep down she felt her life was purposeless and futile
Not even worth living any more
She begged for direction, for an answer
Her prayers were genuine and her pain apparent
Suddenly a goddess appeared in front of her and said
I am the goddess of enjoyment
Rati is my name. I can help you
You can? the Gopi asked. Then please do something
I cannot take this anymore. I am really tired of living like this
The Goddess was moved. In that instant she entered the Gopi
And the Gopi
Instantaneously experienced a joy exuding from her Yoni
All the solidity just melted away
A flood of joy was drowning her in waves of bliss
She had never felt this before

The wetness brought with it a feeling of creativity, of desire
Images of lovemaking flashed in front of her eyes
In that moment of absolute joy she visualized
A partner, a companion, a lover, who could satisfy her
Who shared her joy and ecstasy
Thus Krishna was born to satisfy this lusty, orgasmic Gopi
Also listen to this my dear one - once and for all
The desire of this aroused Gopi was endless
Far more than you can ever imagine
Now do you understand why there were sixteen thousand Gopis?
With a smile she went on
It was really only one aroused Gopi my beloved
Her desire was equivalent to that of sixteen thousand orgasms
Therefore, one Krishna alone could not satisfy her
So sixteen thousand Krishnas had to be manifested!

You see how the story, the way you knew earlier,
was only a half-truth
A misunderstood truth by many
Having said these final words
Rati left as suddenly as she had come
I woke up and relived my magical dream repeatedly
And at last, the answer to my question finally came…

Women were born to show the world how to celebrate life
An orgasmic woman is a sure Gift from God
She is the goddess
In her ecstatic joyous state she creates
It is only through her bountiful grace
That a man gets transformed into God
There is no Krishna without Rati
And there is only one Leela
Rati Leela!


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