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Theme: Dilemma

How to Fight the Cupid Till Then?

Many say including democratic leaders "delay the marriage"
Profess they: thirty is the suitable age;
Meanwhile how to fight the Cupid?
And bear the sweet stirs he causes;
With five flowery arrows shoots he
Full moon and spring are his bosom friends;
And youth is fire, tormenter of mind and body.

Sweet beautiful girls, personification of bliss infinite
And incarnation of pleasure definite
Tease unknowingly with inviting beautiful curves and shapes
Elevations and depressions;
Pre-marital sex is ruled out;
Transgression of any kind can lead to aids
Without family how to follow family planning methods?

Male species becomes less competent as age advances
Says the wise saying;
Tomorrow they may say
Eat once a day and starve by night
Because food crisis is looming large
And eating once definitely sustains life
And death won’t come near at any cost;
Can I starve till I am thirty plus
Denying myself the natural pleasures?

When we plan to have only one child
How does it matter to others when we marry?
And how it subscribes to population growth?
Do they mean: do not marry at all?
Will government or others take the responsibility
of our kid in late marriage when we become old
And the child still unsettled?

Why others poke their nose in matters private?
Globalization, population growth or inefficient governance
What is responsible for this insensitive advice?
Citizens seem to suffer from “leaderocracy”
For democracy now seems to be of the leaders,
by the leaders and for the leaders;
OK How to fight the Cupid till then? 


More By  : Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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