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Gathering the pieces
Of my past -
I've come back to you
Mending a broken heart
All by myself, on my own
I've come back to you
To stay here, forever...

Though it is not
Wholesome as before
A heart once mended
Is like a Yoni
Stitched and pruned
After child-birth
Yet a crack is
Always there...

More the children,
More the cracks,
Like the remnants
Of a broken heart
Being pricked and bled
Time and again...
By the thorns of separation
And yet it strengthens
The lover's heart.

Truly said : Love Endures

So, the heart-break was like
The outpourings of all my love
The hurt, the pain and the hope
As divine an end and a beginning
Like the birth of a child -
The end of all the heaviness inside
The beginning of a new life outside

And I see in you - my Beloved,
My soul mate, my bosom friend,
The vision of an ideal father,
The affection of a loving son,
The bonding of a doting brother.

I see in you -
All the men in my life
All the roles crocheted in you,
Like the interwoven threads
Of God's exquisite creation.
You being all the man I need,
All in you, you as the only one.

You being my Guru,
I, your devoted Shishya.

With all the reverence
For your playful antics,
I look up to your teachings,
Your words of wisdom.

You flirt, you tease,
You annoy, you appease,
I am at war and at peace
With all your demands,
Needs, tantrums, and
Mood swings...

In your unpredictability,
I see Future.
In your humanity,
I see God.
In your vulnerability,
I see Power.

Godliness Personified
You empower me
To keep taking it all
In my stride
Whatever you give me,
Gift me -
The pleasures and pains
Of being in love...

You being my past,
You being my present
And you'll remain -
My ever unforeseen future

Guide me with all the goodness
In your heart -
Let the God in you
Make a Goddess of me
And in that opportune hour
Of sublime realization -
Let you be my re-born Krishna
And I be your beloved Radha...

Radhe-Krishna ! Radhe-Krishna !

Bina Radhe, Shyam Aadhe...


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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