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Life is the only constant
that is forever changing

This four-letter word
        encompassing dynamic vibrance
        mysteriously challenging
when meditated upon
unfolds exclusively
to extrapolate distinctively
the individual perception
as a prize or penalty
with a unique portrayal every time
illustrating the experience
of transformation
within and without

Contemplate and transcend
by discovering
the essence of Life


Here are some connotations:

Labor is finest endeavor
Lacuna is forever emptiness
Last is first exiting
Lambast is fiery emotion
Lamenting is foolish endeavor
Lapse is failure expired
Laughter is funny exercise
Less is fairly enriching
Lethargic is forfeiting enthusiasm
Lethargy is fortifying errors
Life is fairly easy
Life is for everyone
Life is furtively enigmatic
Light idea forceful energy
Live in full enlightenment
Live intelligently feel emancipated
Lively idea focused end
Lively inside fully energized
Longing inside food excites
Lonely inside fuels enigma
Loneliness is forfeiting ecstasy
Loot is fraudulent extra
Lore is folk education
Lose individuality fracture ego
Lost in futile effort
Love ignites fiery excitement
Love involves fundamental energy
Love is fondly energizing
Love is fantastic experience
Love is forgiving endlessly
Lust is filthy encroachment


… and
notwithstanding the inferences
Life - the eternal mystic
moves on
with its own conundrum
of paradoxes, riddles, puzzles
in myriad hues
of vagaries and variables

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Illustration by Niloufer Wadia


More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment In brief, life is all in one!

T A Ramesh
03-Apr-2021 06:20 AM

"Life is the only constant
that is forever changing..." - a great intro and a wonderful summing up - "moves on with its own conundrum..."

Sujatha Warrier
31-Jul-2020 00:45 AM

Comment All encompassing depiction of life!
It slso works as a reminder ...
that we must prepare ourselves for its end(death) every day..by doing so
we'll not while it away just like that and would try our best to transcend the finite to reach the infinite.
That's the true purpose of this very precious gift called life.

Neera Pradhan
29-Jul-2020 09:51 AM

Comment Life - the eternal mystic
moves on
with its own conundrum
of paradoxes, riddles, puzzles
in myriad hues
of vagaries and variables

WOW! There can never be a better explanation for LIFE!

G Swaminathan
29-Jul-2020 07:26 AM

Comment Rahi manva dukh ki chinta kyon sataate hai
Dukh tau apne saathi hain;
Sukh hai ek chaon dhalte ate hain, jaate hain.....

Strong spirit alone helps all survive!

T.S.Chandra Mouli
28-Jul-2020 04:08 AM

Comment Life is real.The best way is to accept it as one can.Most thrilling in moments of elation, most frustrating in moments of loss.As rightly said, with so much of loss every moment globally, one needs to live every moment.Do the best, avoid disturbing moods, men.
Time to reflect, replenish energy.No harm in looking for guidance from texts that strengthen the spirit.regards.

T.S.Chandra Mouli
28-Jul-2020 04:04 AM

Comment @RD Asbhy - Your comments reflect your grasp of the subject based on your perceptions which compels you to write a judgmental thesis.

Rajender Krishan
27-Jul-2020 17:30 PM

Comment Living form originates in substance from non-living form that pre-existed it; but that both are identified contextually, sustained in identity in an existential realm of continuous change that bespeaks a process of which it is part and function. Process bespeaks a realising subject, the Creator, that brings about perception of creation in concept in living creatures, be they bacteria, insects, animals of all kinds, birds and fish, they are all creatures of perception whereby the physical world is conceptualised and lived in. Life is about concept realisation to which the appetitive affections are tuned.

Life is defined as the activating principle of conceptualisation leading to experience through perception and sensation. Humans, as do animals, form a concept of the world and its objects, and so to perform actions that preserve their lives in that world; but man further, a concept of the principles that govern the world, such as truth and honesty, so to eternal principles such as the Divine Goodness, whence they achieve the purpose for which they were created, the fulfilment of the process of existence itself.
What about all the fantasies and dreams the fairy tales, the meaninglessness, the lack of orientation we experience of ‘conundrum of paradoxes, riddles, puzzles in myriad hues of vagaries and variables’ these are concepts lacking orientation in relation to the purpose of creation as aforestated, and bespeak only confusion and the hazarding of reality based on appearances. The spiritual affections of the soul in man realise spiritual principles of Goodness and Truth; the appetitive affections realise to perception principles of order in nature, which the animals perceive enabling their behavioural orientation to environment; correspondingly, in man, the principles of science, which can be realised even in denial of God.

Your view of life is that a-theistic natural perception of orientation to the environment – no mention of God or spiritual principles in your poem – just swimming in the world of the senses which leads and is going nowhere.

R D Ashby
27-Jul-2020 16:50 PM

Comment Mysterious life sprung from the womb of eternity, unfathomable beyond Time and Space, forever changing but will humbly bow to the smallest act of kindness or the smile that strikes like an arrow.

Very aptly put and a great thumping summary.

27-Jul-2020 16:42 PM

Comment A critical summing up of key human emotions that trigger much contemplation. Thank you for sharing.qg

Kusum Choppra
27-Jul-2020 06:27 AM

Comment Cherish Best Way Of Human Life As Culture In Nature!
Poem by Ramesh T A
Romantic love is beautiful dream and in real life ever
To enjoy in Natural surrounding we cherish in heart like
Paradise can be called as Brindavan where Radha & Krishna
Dance in bliss by divine music of Lord Krishna in peace!

Instead of turning whole world so, how have greedy leaders
Made it to face all disasters both natural and by disease;
Human society suffers from all kinds of difficulties and
Endless pain in concrete jungles in the name of modernity!

Developments and civilized way of life are needed, but
Not at the cost of humanity, Nature and culture that are
Ever uplifting human spirit which is not possible by economic
Progress only as that is boosting only material wealth..!

Social progress of natural life is real joy, satisfaction
And pride but not just material progress of economy only;
We want progress of civilization and culture, technology
And life in harmony with Nature as best way of human life!

T A Ramesh
26-Jul-2020 07:57 AM

Comment Exquisitely, subtly, aesthetically, and comprehensively delineated the quintessence of life in the fewest of meaningful words.

Dr Dalip Khetarpal
25-Jul-2020 13:11 PM

Comment 'Life is the only constant that is forever changing' - a very heart touching line. Thanks a lot to give me the opportunity to go through your poem.

25-Jul-2020 13:01 PM

Comment Life summed up succinctly on a sheet of paper.

Bhupinder Singh
25-Jul-2020 09:11 AM

Comment You have covered the entire gamut of life in interpreting what Life is.

R K Singh

25-Jul-2020 08:27 AM

Comment Life is the only constant that is forever changing I could understand. The rest is too subtle to embrace within my pale of understanding. Thanks

Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
25-Jul-2020 07:03 AM

Comment Life in all its complexities is well expressed in thid poem! Nice to read from the start to the end!

T A Ramesh
25-Jul-2020 06:57 AM

Comment Very complex and intriguing thoughts in this poem
Indeed life a mystery can't b fathomed .

Since centuries no one could define life. A unique effort.1

Very nice poem

25-Jul-2020 03:37 AM

Comment Life, what is life, as seen by you, seen by me, life a motley of fables and anecdotes and narratives, which saw it Galileo, Columbus, Vasco da Gama; life experiences shared together. Life is a thesis and an anti-thesis.

Bijay Kant Dubey
25-Jul-2020 01:09 AM


25-Jul-2020 00:37 AM

Comment This is a fine poetic attempt to bring within common reach the indefinable LIFE! Its richly diverse and dynamic vibrancy has always engaged the serious attention of the great minds to capture its myriad hues but their amazing success doesn't capture or define the whole. Yours is also one such success! A fascinating read!

R. K. Bhushan Sabharwal
25-Jul-2020 00:15 AM

Comment A thought provoking and insightful poem on life , Rajinderji! Prize or penalty...mystic or an open secret...life indeed, is a puzzle that keeps unravelling; the more we try to keep solving and resolving it!!!

Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
24-Jul-2020 23:15 PM

Comment Life still has unresolved, unknown mysteries. No wonder one doesnt tire of it.

24-Jul-2020 23:13 PM

Comment I absolutely related to your profound and delightful contemplation on the vicissitudes of life. As John Lennon wisely remarked: 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans'.

Attreyee Roy Chowdhury
24-Jul-2020 23:07 PM

Comment Yes, agree with you. It is the sum total of our experience. To me

Life is music
attuned by
maestro divine.

Pleasant to those
who pick
and dance with the song.

Jargon to those
who fail to find rapport
on the steps of melody and heart.

D. C. Chambial
24-Jul-2020 22:39 PM

Let me quote -

with its own conundrum
of paradoxes, riddles, puzzles
in myriad hues
of vagaries and variables
...the life moves on.

Remarkable. It overwhelms.


p c katoch
24-Jul-2020 21:51 PM

Comment Philosophers and poets, intellectuals and theorists go on saying what they conclude. All is well and always! Mysterious occurances
God is in Heaven and All is well with the world! God bless us!!!

vvb ramarao
24-Jul-2020 20:18 PM

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