Theme: Vision


Amma spent
a lot of time
with us…

When I, my siblings
and cousins were
growing up, once
during our summer
get-together, Amma
came up with an idea.

She said:

Close your eyes
Visualize water
          … silence
                a brief gap …   
Now narrate
What unfolds? 

I started describing
momentarily experienced
streams of images

Jal, Water, thirst,
clouds, lightning, thunder,
rain, shower, brook,
spring, well, lake, pond,
river, fish, turtles, swimming,
Dams, floods, tides, ocean …

Oh yes, bathing,
washing, cooking,
cleaning, hygiene, laundry …

And of course,
liquids, juices, fruits
sweet, sour, tasty,
and my favorite
summer delight
… the watermelons.

And I stopped … gasping for breath

Amma mused:

See how a word reveals!

Be it any word
its several layers
concealed within
connect to other words
forever expanding
as the tree of life

Of all the images
whatever allures most
reflects personal affections
hence get entertained
and stirred in the mind
transforming into a dream,
fantasy, an aspiration,
an aim, a goal or target,
purpose to achieve
friends to play
lover to embrace
enemy to squash
song to sing
rhythm for dance
to stay healthy, happy
and in harmony

Just one word
and so much learnt
Imagine if one contemplates
on the Word of words;
would not one
get the key to unlock
the supreme potential within,
that encapsulates
the absolute existence


Mesmerized since,
I am still overwhelmed


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More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment It is a fathomless piece. I was deeply immersed and lost. You write from your soul.
Keep it up bhayi.

V.K. Joshi
02-Aug-2020 05:29 AM

Comment Lovely composition, seeing the creation in the grain of sand. A very poetic imagination walking on a philosophical path. A joy to read and imagine.

Kumarendra Mallick
31-Jul-2020 02:02 AM

Comment Nice one! Words of Potry are the life blood of a master spirit !

T A Ramesh
30-Jul-2020 01:09 AM

Comment After the Big Bang, the Creation of the Universe, how did the sound break the silence, the ripples of silence? Hod did it dhavani come out, how did shabda get the form? Indeed charming to note the journey from the break of sound to akshara to shabda to vakya. God, give me sounds, sounds, give me, give speech; God, give me, give me vani, speech, the Speech Divine.
Man, your journey is a journey from Dhavani to Akshara to Vani, the Vani Divine with the Vakya to mean or mean it not!

bijay kant dubey
29-Jul-2020 23:59 PM

Comment @Hema Ravi
Thank you for bring up the word 'Akshara' - the 'Letter' which can neither be written nor erased. 'Akshara', is a Sanskrit term which means 'imperishable, indestructible, fixed, immutable' (i.e. from a - 'not' and kshara - 'perish').

Rajender Krishan
29-Jul-2020 21:24 PM


It is beautiful...identifying the self is rewarding.


p c katoch
29-Jul-2020 18:46 PM

Comment Beautiful and splendid.

Bhupinder Singh
29-Jul-2020 12:41 PM

Comment Your poem resonates in so many ways.......

Word! Akshara! How important it is....
Just this afternoon, I was a participant in a Webinar, where the guest speaker Jose K.C gave his expert talk on 'Word is not Mere Word in LIterature.' Commencing with Jug Suraiya's 'In the Jugular Vein'column, the speaker began with the power of the WORD ( a feeling, a thought, something that conveys many unsaid things)

I can relate to a part of this poem; when I was teaching at school, some years ago, we used to have "Vizualizing" on most evenings, just before the last bell at the end of each day. Children would be asked to close their eyes-gentle words about the seashore/chocolate factory/garden...... would be described.....a thorough Sensorial experience for about five minutes. The loud gond would prove to be the jarring note at times!

Thank you for bringing back these memories and also enabling me to connect the day's activity with this magical poem.

Hema Ravi
29-Jul-2020 10:49 AM

Comment Awesome! Amma's guidance is great! Wonderful exercise to play with word! From sheer fun, literary play to spiritual journey!

Pavalamani Pragasam
29-Jul-2020 09:39 AM

Comment Aim, goal or purpose make life meaningful, helps one connect with others and harmonise energies for mutual benefit Thanks for prompting us think afresh.regards

T.S.Chandra Mouli
29-Jul-2020 09:18 AM

Comment Just one word
and so much learnt
Imagine if one contemplates
on the Word of words;
would not one
get the key to unlock
the supreme potential within,
that encapsulates
the absolute existence


G Swaminathan
29-Jul-2020 07:21 AM

Comment One doorway of dream leading another doorway and as thus the visions keep expanding the horizon and spectrum of thought and idea and unfolding the myths of life and the world. Shabda, word, where did it come from? And from shabda, vani, from word, speech.

bijay kant dubey
29-Jul-2020 06:17 AM

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