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The Men Women Mismatch

What is a marriage?
Promise to live together,
come what may?
And the cornerstone
must be love?
What is love,
by the way?
I like that husky voice!
I like that sweet twittering!
I like the way she walks,
her gait!
She is so lithe,
so shapely?
I like his macho personality?
I like his caring nature!

What is that love?
Something that comes from within?
The soul inside?
Or that I am just turned on
in his or her presence?
The urge to mate?
The urge to procreate?
Or it is just, You make me happy.
I feel serene in your presence.
So many different feelings I get
in different persons' presence.

But I have to marry just once.
Or divorce and marry again.
How many times?
At best half a dozen?
The strong libido will decide.
Once is good in many respects.
A few times may be.
But there are heart breaks
and accompanying pain.
Your libido will wear off
sure enough.
The social arrangement of marriage
is a compromise
for your physical and mental need.
So there will always be
unfaithful straying.
There will be guilt.
There will be betrayal.
There is no way.

Men get sperms by millions.
Women get eggs a few hundred only.
Men's is a pleasure of minutes.
Women's carrying for months and pain.
Who is to blame?
Nature? God?
The world's sufferings
if you look deeply
is this sexual mismatch
we try to control by marriage.
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More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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