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Theme: Paradox

I Do Smile

The other day someone complained -
I regret the moment you became a friend
Fact of the matter is you are not our flock
You are not gleeful and you don't smile
Even when we crack our best of jokes
It hurts because others too get uncomfortable
And apprehensive to have fun and merry time.
After all, life is what?
Delicious eat, chilled drinks and a lot of merriment
Whether you agree or not!

I quipped, it's your choice
But half-truth let's not talk
Look, we live in a society so paradoxical
Where to carry some papers or to open a door
One needs a multi-tasking staff
Where a person demands an air-conditioned room
For his ward to write an exam
Where one needs a domestic help
Even to fetch a glass of water
Where one would work with people for years
Yet pretend to have not seen each other even once
And often treat all those who work for
Not more than a herd of sheep or cattle.

So in the surroundings so artificial
How can I be gleeful with a fake smile?

Yet let me unfold other half of the truth
Whenever I see a light in the poor's hut
Whenever I see a hungry eating a bread-loaf
Whenever I see children of the underprivileged
Going to the school or playing in a field
A destitute gets shelter and blanket on a wintry night
The day I give some food and cloth to a needy
The moment I contribute to a cause of charity
Without any effort comes a genuine smile
So no regrets, in a quiet glee I do smile.


More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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