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Coby - The Chocolate Labrador

A sudden vacuum sensed
an unthought-of deficiency felt
arising with absence of association
that terminated after 12 long years
with Coby – the Chocolate Labrador
who was yet another companion
in my place of work
besides other colleagues
Coby often shared and relished
breakfast and lunch with me
besides coyly nudging
for a gentle caress
I admired his intuitiveness
for he always grasped
my fatigue or boredom
and took an imposing stance
         by quietly entering my cabin
         never barking
         making circles
         wagging his tail
         twitching his eyes
         like a professor
beckoning me
to take small breaks
in all seasons
for brisk walks
or a short game of chase
in our office compound
It was an experience to note
his territorial domain
the markings of which
he sniffed and reinforced
every time during those walks
registering his freedom and
celebration of life.
Today – September 11, 2012
Coby - our loveable Labrador
is no more …
I cannot help but notice
moistness in my eyes
Image:  Coby and the Fowl 


More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Well written. Poignant too

26-Nov-2012 09:56 AM

Comment Dear Rajender!

Late cae across tis so touching and beautiful elegy on the loss of your precious Labrador. All your love and tenderness is reflcted in it.
I assure you that no love is ever lost. and no tear shed out of love. I can not tell about the devine plan about cherished pets, but feel secure that no tear of love is ever lost, but brings fruit for the wole universe, for men as well as for beloved pets.
Be comforted dear Rajeder, perhaps your Labrador knows all about your mourning for him and desires you to continue your life of inspiration, generosity and love.
Be blessed abundantly and comforted.

Elizabeth Dandy

15-Sep-2012 11:43 AM

Comment such a moving poem.........wish you the best to recover from this pain.

15-Sep-2012 08:14 AM

Comment At this lonely moment…
..for some time to come you will miss its loyalty and real dedication, as it might have never known evil or jealousy or discontent like humans.
And I can imagine - “when you were with it…it was like - to be back in Eden, where inspite of not doing anything it wouldn’t bore you but it results in peace of mind – a true stress buster…”
...I have an association with a resembling Chocolate Labrador puppy....
...I used to experience its "unconditional love"...four years back....
...by the way it is about Four and half years now...
I named it "Eclairs"....
...It is in Goa now....
…I understand
A vacuous situation...
"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ? Josh Billings

Prof.Siva Prasad

14-Sep-2012 01:13 AM

Comment >A sudden vacuum sensed
an unthought-of deficiency felt
arising with absence of association...<

All pets live a life in human sffections, as the object of those affections, to which they attune their behaviour with such subtlety we become convinced they are what we make them out to be. The pet that dies is the pet of our creation.

13-Sep-2012 17:01 PM

Comment I don't know why my comment is deleted. Let me share your pain Sir. It's really sad..

13-Sep-2012 14:56 PM

Comment My sincere thanks to all in "immortalizing" the spirit of love, compassion and friendship. Hope this ideal perpetuates in all our relationships. Peace.

13-Sep-2012 13:20 PM

Comment I am sorry about Coby. We had a dog once and I know how it feels to lose one. It's been years since we lost him but we still miss him and talk about him.

13-Sep-2012 10:10 AM

Comment 13 Sept. 2012
TO: Mr. Rajender Krishan
Your elegy made my evening sad. Though I have no pet, I can't help being compassionate with you.
How true is "Love does not discriminate Dog and God" [Courtesy,
Rajat Das Gupta

Rajat Das Gupta
13-Sep-2012 09:49 AM

Comment A dog loves unconditionally. I do not have one but dogs immediately connect with me as they read my mind. They teach us so many small lessons. Everyday. I can understand what Coby meant to you. But life has to go on...

Ramesh Menon
13-Sep-2012 09:37 AM

Comment Beautiful. RIP Coby

Dimpy Chowdhry
13-Sep-2012 08:49 AM

Comment A sad day indeed, Rajender ji. Your sorrow runs deep and we too feel so sad. That is how life gets poorer and time gets lonesome. We too shall miss the chocolate Labrador!

Kumarendra Mallick
13-Sep-2012 08:06 AM

Comment Heartfelt!

Pets become members of the family and their loss is immense.

13-Sep-2012 07:55 AM

Comment Dear Sir, by the feel of the obituary to Coby one can sense your love and loss. May your life endure the love while the time obscures the loss.

BS Murthy
13-Sep-2012 07:00 AM

Comment I'm scared about my own Labrador "Danger" who's crossed 12.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
13-Sep-2012 03:55 AM

Comment We always miss any dear association. Nicely written feelings.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
13-Sep-2012 02:52 AM

Comment My deep condolences, Raj Ji, I can understand your feelings; pets become part of family emotionally and otherwise.

jaipal singh
13-Sep-2012 01:38 AM

Comment Rajenderji, I can fully empathise with your feelings. I have a black labrador called Aryan (6 years) and your imagery of Coby is so much in tune with his behaviour. He is our third child. In my childhood I had a dog and after she died I was inconsolable for a long, long time.
My heart reaches out to you.
May the noble soul rest in peace.

Ramendra Kumar
13-Sep-2012 01:36 AM

Comment Rajendra

Sorry to hear about Coby. Pets are family and their loss
always heartbreaking. Lost my 12 year old doberman few months ago. The pain passes with time but she remains part of my life through her memories. While it is hard not to cry, I hope you find solace in all the joy Coby brought you and the thought that you were blessed to have him in your life.

Fatima Chowdhury
13-Sep-2012 01:35 AM

Comment Beautiful, touching poem. Written from the heart. Thanks so much for sharing.

13-Sep-2012 00:19 AM

Comment Someone leaving is always sad. We can only, but, wish they come back to us in some other form, with even more love than before.

RIP Coby.

Kapil Bamba
13-Sep-2012 00:12 AM

Comment Sir ..i am also a pet lover..so i feel so sad after reeding the poem..I have my dog Bush..i love my Bush so much..I can understand your pain..

Dr Anshu Pandey
13-Sep-2012 00:03 AM

Comment I can understand the reason for this burst of poetry. Family dog is more than a family member and like the first love it is missed by one and all for ever. It is now nearly five years when my 12 year old Minpin 'Chotu' passed away-even today, I feel her wet nose nudging my hand in the morning and this very imaginary nudge makes me get up with a start.
RIP Coby.

12-Sep-2012 23:59 PM

Comment Oh ! sir , It is so sad. I know what you feel by imagination and share your sorrows over Coby's death

12-Sep-2012 22:51 PM

Comment i share your feelings. a pet, particularly dog, becomes a family member. some years back i had a dog. i realized it had unique capacity to get tuned with my mood ... as if it could understand the mood i was in. its death was pathetic. it jumped off the roof and died... don't know whether it was 'suicide.' however, that was my first and last dog pet. being hard-hearted i tried to take it easy ... but my younger brother was affected for days. the then emptiness was similar to losing a near and dear one. Love does not discriminate Dog and God.

12-Sep-2012 22:14 PM

Comment Dear Rajender,

Most poignant.
We had a Labrador once and he passed away and I know what it is you're going through now.
My thoughts are with you.

Kala Ramesh
12-Sep-2012 21:36 PM

Comment I will always have a memory of Coby

Armando A.
12-Sep-2012 21:15 PM

Comment This is a wonderful elegy written for a beloved pet. Yes, I know many families that take a dog to be one of their family members. Pet dogs are so good companions and faithful creatures , that their absence makes eyes moist.Your poem is rich is in style and content.

Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee
12-Sep-2012 20:53 PM

Comment This about one of my pets.


In our family
We were three
My parents and me
Till one day
He came suddenly
As if from nowhere
Nobody knew
Who his parents were
Nor where was his home
My parents were reluctant to accept him
Thought he was a nuisance
But as a companion
He was welcome to me
Chased by mother this compulsive thief
Would hide either under the cot
Or in the attic
He loved to play with me
Hide and seek
In summer
He cuddled in a cool corner
In winter he sought warmth
He stole into my mother’s quilt
Gradually he supplanted me
From my mother’s lap.

For his coat’s colour
I called him Ginger
Slowly he grew up
And by and by
Became a tiger in a miniature
Grew long whiskers
His growling became guttural
And his prowling more extensive
Beyond the confines of our modest home
He mewed around my mother the whole day
But at night began to go out
Now a shining youth
He seems to have felt
A strange stirring in his blood
He seems to have heard
The call of the wild
And sought adventures
Both amorous and territorial
Invaded others’ territories
Fought pitched battles with his rivals
After each fight
Our hero needed medication and cleaning up from me
He had great aversion to being bathed
And he fought wildly
I still bear the marks of his desperate claws.

His absence on adventures
Grew in duration
First it was for a day or two
Till at last
He didn’t return in a whole week
Father was asked to find him out
Yesterday I was told
My Ginger has been run over by a car
Now he is beyond all my medication and care.

Our neighbour has a brilliant son
He is a chemical engineer
Working in a private firm in Mumbai
On a fat salary
He was his parents’ old age insurance
He was about to get married
When one day words came
He had lost one leg
In a road accident.

For God’s sake don’t say
I am equating my cat with that young man
For Ginger gave us nothing that money could buy.
Ginger, while still a very small kitten, came to us just after our Lucy left us on 31st October, 2002. He died in a road accident in the first week of April, 2006.

12-Sep-2012 20:46 PM

Comment We share your feelings.We know how precious a pet becomes, especially in absence.

Sony Dalia
12-Sep-2012 20:44 PM

Comment Our dog Pebbles followed me around
until the day she died at age 15.
I feel your loss deeply, Rajender.
It was the hope she displayed every moment
her life and her playful enthusiasm
that I can never forget.
Few living beings demonstrate such
unconditional love and loyalty
as our pet Pebbles, the Yorkshire Terrier.

Neria Harish Hebbar MD
12-Sep-2012 19:16 PM

Comment We lost so many pets - this reminds me of them all.

12-Sep-2012 17:32 PM

Comment lovely poem my dog died a couple of years ago she was fourteen

12-Sep-2012 17:04 PM

Comment I grieve with your loss.

12-Sep-2012 16:50 PM

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