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Life Is A Riddle

Life is a riddle
And I’m in the middle,
Attending a funeral one day,
Not knowing what to say
But crying my heart out,
Wondering what it’s about,
Why he had to leave
And we’ve to grieve.

Life is a riddle
And I’m in the middle,
Attending a wedding the next day,
Seeing folks dance the night away
After drinks and food,
But I’m in no mood—
Life is moving too fast,
And nothing seems to last.

Life is a riddle
And I’m in the middle,
Seeing a friend dying,
One family crying,
Two families celebrating,
No time for deliberating
That behind us all is walking
The shadow of death, stalking.  


More By  :  Kulbir Bhalla

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Comments on this Poem

Comment So true....even amongst countries....while one country may be engaged in war, another neighboring country may be in peace and prospering. Or while a nation is dealing with horrific natural disasters, another part of the same country has thousands enjoying sports events!

The Brahmakumaris Spiritual Organization, teaches us to see life as a “DRAMA “. Each person, circumstance, event, emotion is already on the script! We are all playing our roles in this drama of life. Just like we walk away after a movie or other performance once it is over, life demands that we adopt the same attitude in our life situations.

This awakening is the beautiful journey of life....perhaps we can pierce the veil of this riddle....

07-Nov-2022 08:45 AM

Comment Very true. A moving account of the riddle that is life. Very well written, Kulbir.

20-Jan-2013 09:03 AM

Comment Jaipal Sahib,

Thanks for appreciating it, and a happy new year to all.

31-Dec-2012 17:31 PM

Comment Yes, life is a riddle, journey, battle, path and what not..! A good write indeed.

Wish you, other poets and readers a very happy new year.

Jaipal Singh
31-Dec-2012 12:14 PM

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