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A Nation Called INDIA

As I sat to watch
The TV after a long grind at my desk
One channel discussed
Why Sonia did what she did
Quoting her erstwhile loyal aides
Another went to Gaza
Debated the torment
Palestinians underwent
Chided Israel for being criminally adamant
Yet another one claimed
An ISI spy had designs
Planned from his base in Sri Lanka
To bomb vital sites in South India
Those who participated in the debates
Had mouthfuls to speak
In a wild cacophony that confused
Themselves and the hosts
As the viewers dozed off
Indifferent to their nation’s turmoil
As my sisters, daughters and mothers
Across a land called India
Got disrobed and wailed in pain
In a manner one of their great epics said
God knows what parts of their bodies bled
Who cares?
Don’t ask me please
I am too indifferent
I am an Indian to the hilt
My comfort lies in sleep


More By  :  Madathil Rajendran Nair

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Sarcasm, indifference, a bang ending.......

'Who cares?
Don’t ask me please
I am too indifferent
I am an Indian to the hilt
My comfort lies in sleep'

I enjoyed, Always your new one is the best ! Looking forward for the next....
Love and Regards

10-Aug-2014 03:52 AM

Comment Nair sir, I am with you.......

Mohd. anwar
07-Aug-2014 00:45 AM

Comment I can imagine the disappointment, frustration and sadness that Rajettan feels. Based on some emails that I received, there is hope for India with the new government.

If you can search online for " PM Modi fast tracks government, silently
MADHAV NALAPAT New Delhi | 26th Jul 2014", you may find some interesting facts.

Best regards,


Vijayakumaran Nair
05-Aug-2014 23:28 PM

Comment Its an unfortunate reality. Life has become too busy for one to stop and take a look; let alone want to make a difference.

Archana Nair
05-Aug-2014 20:38 PM

Comment Many thanks Aparna-ji for an image that highlights the intent of the poem. Very well-selected indeed!

05-Aug-2014 13:20 PM

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