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Call It What You Will

Something stirred within
something unknown
unfelt before...
Something moving
making two objects restless.

The objects gaze at each other
feel one another – some shock registers.
They are electrified
charged with unknown desire
seemingly insatiable.

The objects move
breathing into each other
clasping one another
their mouths move
each movement adding taste.

A search goes on
discovering, enjoying...
then some feelings arise
within the self
like wave upon wave
in the ocean...
not a word is said.

The objects lose their distance
and fastening around each other
they move
but not peacefully
for harmony is disturbed
and forceful movements begin -
some painful, some pleasurable
and as the objects writhe in pain
the inevitable act begins.

They oscillate
between heaven and hell
now in heaven
now in hell
back in heaven
again in hell
the music goes on...
for uncountable times
without knowledge of
space, time, dimension.

They rise higher...higher, still higher
when suddenly the crystal breaks
and all things meet
not in heaven
nor in hell
but in peace
like the ebbing tide in the ocean.

A series of Past tense – poems from 1972 – 1986


More By  :  Julia Dutta

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