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We Grow Up!

We grow up!
Amidst all the chaos and humdrum of the World
As the world nonchalantly spins about,
We grow up!
We grow up!
Probably a little faster,
Probably destined to be more matured than the other part of the population
That proudly felicitates itself as “Males”
We grow up!

Since the days of “mewling and puking” in our mothers’ arms
We grow up!
We grow up at one corner of our sweet home,
With dreams to “bake” a family instilled from a tender age!
With a subtle desire of procuring our future invincible prince,
Lingering somewhere in our hearts,
We grow up!

We grow up,
Gaily christening our darling dolls,
And ourselves be caressed like dolls too,
We grow up!

As we blossom into teenagers,
Thriving for daring exploits much like the boys
 in this verdurous stage of ours,
The world too says, “I expect you to be independent”
But alas! Cruelly chains us down to captivity.
We grow up! Yes we grow up!

Amidst more don’ts than do's.
Amidst frowns and rebukes for being out of our nidus till late into the night,
“Independence” ---- that’s what the world says,
And we grow up!

We grow up!
With oaths to be beautiful and charming,
With pledges to be obedient and mechanical,
In order to win the hearts of those males,
     puffed up with pride for their very maleness,
Who have the liberty to choose their “prim, proper and gracious dolls”,
Who have the unsaid power to crown us as “Angels”
     or throw us away as “fallen” trash,
But dear mates! We have to grow up!

We grow up!
Only to move on to a larger “Doll House”
“Our own House” they say,
Where the wax dolls are replaced by ones we have breathed life into,
Yes we grow up!

We grow up to face the larger complexities of the world,
To be the scapegoats
To be blamed for even the silliest issues of the world!
We grow up to be dependent on our wiser counterparts
In almost all spheres of life
Irrespective of how much we labour, earn and try
      to prove ourselves at par with the Men.
Yet we grow up!

We grow up on the condition of adjustment in order to survive!
We grow up,
Rearing up our own blood with utmost kindness, care, nourishment and comforts,
Oh! What a bliss it is to watch our sons grow too and prosper!
We grow up in an illusion,
In false wisdom and security,
Only to realize in our sable old age,
That we grew up to be “burdens” on our sons
       and “hurdles” on their way to achieve their goal.
As we live on at their mercy, Time having robbed us of our capacity to work.
Yes, fellow listeners! We grow up to breathe our last in old age homes,
Only to add on to the number of captives there,
Weak, shattered, bent with age and atrocities,
Still holding on to the memories of our children,
And eagerly awaiting with a thumping heart,
To hear their voices one last time,
Before we return to dust and vaporize into the Oblivion.

Girls, do we really grow up?


More By  :  Pallabi Ghosal

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