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Don’t Judge

Don’t judge
The place you are stationed at
Is merely a small corner of this vast universe
You can see how much?
With what little you hear
You mix your own words.
You sort things into categories
Of good and bad, black and white
This division is your own creation.
If there is music in your mind
When going your way
Don’t quibble, don’t hurry
You sing your song
Some will ignore, some will respond
Good or bad let them be
Traveling along the same way
We are all companions.
Don’t judge
Time doesn’t stand
Don’t waste it debating.
By the borders of your garden
Flowers blossom
They are messengers of heaven
They are darlings of earthly beings.
Those grasses in rainy days
Bring such a flood of greenery
They cover the earth with their simple gift.
O you traveler, forget your ego
Fill your heart with simple joy
And before you go
What you get on your way
Gift it away
To the way you walk on.
Translation of the poem Bichar from the collection Parishesh by Rabindranath Tagore.


More By  :  Kumud Biswas

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thanks for the compliments, Mr. Sharma.

17-Mar-2013 20:36 PM

Comment What a nice poem it is ! Superb translation.Composer and translator both are genius and great persons. A lot thanks.

Nathmal Sharma
17-Mar-2013 03:25 AM

Comment Thanks for your candid confession. Most Bengalis are alike in this regard and I am no exception. This business of translation for me has ultimately proved to be an act of discovery with huge rewards. The later writings of Tagore are incomparable and we Bengalis usually skip them to our inestimable cost. My only regret is that I stumbled upon them very late in my life. I read a lot of them but attempt translation of a few, because most are untranslatable. Even in Bengali not a single word or phrase can be substituted. It is very difficult to measure a genius like Tagore but there is no harm in trying - the tragedy is that sufficient attempt has not been made by the Bengalis. It is my considered view that the poet was born in a wrong place.
I don't feel myself very competent to suggest a list of his works which one should read but as the poems posted here in my translation are my obvious preference you may begin with them. And I hope you won't be disappointed.

10-Jan-2012 10:19 AM

Comment As usual it is a very competent translation. But i felt ashamed of myself for not reading it earllier.I am so judgemental by temperament!
I have a request to you, Kumud. Could you send me a list of poems that you come upon as you proceed with your studies in Tagore so that those of us who are fortunate to read Tagore in the original but confine it primarily to a few selected fields like short stories, plays, songs (150 or so) and novels and do not venture into the realm of his poetry which Budhdh adeb Bose likened to a veritable "diamond mine"
can benefit from your suggestion?
Sujit sankar

sujit sankar chattopadhyay
10-Jan-2012 02:57 AM

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