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Theme: Mystic


Meditating together,
both aspired to transcend
the mundane and
attain harmony

Yet, being impressionists
they could not help but
kept screaming at each other
to remain silent …

Deafened by the commotion
they are now unable to hear 
the celestial song of tranquility
in the theater of war within

… the perpetual inquiry
of whodunit continues …
while the unperturbed mystic
witnesses the chaotic drama


More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Ha!Ha!Ha!

Pavalamani Pragasam
12-Aug-2020 10:16 AM

Comment Extremely beautiful and Brilliant!

Alka Pandey
12-Aug-2020 08:08 AM

Comment Humans must be god-loving and God fearing for mankind to survive.

vvb ramarao
12-Aug-2020 00:06 AM

Comment Where is the mystic viewing from? What Adam and Eve whispering or conspiring, agreeing or disagreeing on what point? Whodunit, how to say it? Somebody has definitely done it.

bijay kant dubey
11-Aug-2020 13:18 PM

Comment Dreams From Romantic Love To Divine Bliss Finally!
Many indulge in dreams and imagination in romance with loved ones
Not possible in reality as once they meet them in person soon
Their dream pictures melt away like ice under Sun's heat sure;
Yet, like smokers smoke despite warnings, dreamers dream of love!

This is the nature of humans in the world in all walks of life
That can't be stopped despite impossibility due to conventions
Of society, differences of class, creed and colour and so on
As mind can't be stopped in sleeps and daytime reveries ever!

But that's necessary evil lesser than evils committed in reality;
Cinema and pop singer dream girls many have romance with in
Reveries, dreams and imagination that relieves tension in all
Walks of life better than soldiers lives at the national borders!

Dreams of romantic love with divine colouring has been in vogue
By devotional dances of dames devoted to the Lord of romance who
Preached non-attached love with smile and humour to forget the
Woes of world life so as to enjoy divine bliss finally sure...!

T A Ramesh
11-Aug-2020 01:13 AM

Comment Attaining tranquillity by meditation to enjoy bliss in difficult to do in the noisy modern world unless both the ear holes are plugged perfect it seems now! Nice humour to enjoy!

T A Ramesh
11-Aug-2020 00:19 AM

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