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Dear Parents

Do you want to
Live your dreams
Thru your children?

No harm in living....
As long as you don’t
Hinder their dreaming

Don’t manipulate
Them with your
Or the smiles will all
Fade away from their
Faces gleaming,
And they’ll be a
Pathetic sight -
Of tears streaming
Leaving you in a
Prolonged limbo
With no release for

(addressed to those parents who want to impose their ambitions on their children so that it adds to their social status and prestige of having a son or a daughter as an Engineer or a Doctor; it is OK if the children also cherish the same ambitions, but if they have different aspirations, we should give them due consideration, without making them bear the brunt of our imposition, which might lead to disastrous consequences as was shown in the Movie: 3 Idiots)


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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