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Rinkle's Letter to Mother Ganga...


A stream flowing from Indus merges in Ganges
On the surface a few words are written by tears
I read those words while I was watching
Lehren (waves) of Ganges as if a teenage girl is playing.

By bowing to the feet of Mother Ganges,
A girl who is imprisoned in a dark room in Mirpur Mathelo,
Wrote these words in a letter to Mother Ganges.

The content of the letter are as follows:

Hey Mother, you take away kids' sufferings,
Look, how much torture I have endured,
My body hasn’t seen 18 Basants (springs) yet,
I can't recognize day or night in the darkness,
In this dark room, my body is violated day and night,
Oh Mother, I am sure you know,
They quench their lust from the drops of blood,
Falling from my body,
I can't see changing faces of demons in the darkness.

Mother, my body is owned by the demons,
Who sell it for a price to others,
But you (should) know Mother,
My soul is still free because no one can own it,
I offer my soul to your Holy stream,
Because my body has been made impure by demons,
Hey Mother, please let my soul merge into your holy stream,
Please let me sleep on your lap.

I am your daughter, Rinkle Kumari

Writen By - Sudheer Maurya 'Sudheer'
Translated by Sunil Dixit  

Image © Sudheer Maurya


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