Editor's Choice
Theme: Satisfaction


Fulfillment I seek
Thru writing verse;
I tweak and tweak,
And make it terse.

I polish every word
And make it pretty,
So when it's heard,
It sounds witty.

At Boloji, I show,
And quietly rejoice
When I come to know
It made Editor's Choice.


More By  :  Kulbir Bhalla

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Nathmalji,

I am truly so grateful to you for your heartfelt appreciation. You always make my day with your kind and loving words. My humble and sincere thanks.

27-Feb-2015 10:37 AM

Comment When you cut,polished so nice every word of it.
Which improved quality of it's prettiness & wit.
I sudden stop myself to hear the sound for a bit. To be part of editor's choice, says it a jewel's kit.
I often see & enjoy it but didn't prevent to repeat.
Thanks a lot KulbirJi, I salute your wisdom & wit.

(I shall await a comment from your side.)

Nathmal Sharma
27-Feb-2015 08:47 AM

Comment 'Fulfilment" has fulfilled my heart,body and mind with nice emotions.Though,they were released on some occasion from the treasure of your deep thoughts,yet haven't lost their magical effect upon me.I am so greatful to you.A lot of thanks again & again Kulbir Ji.Hope,You will be in nice health.

Nathmal Sharma
17-Sep-2014 13:12 PM

Comment Nathmalji,

Thank you once again so much for your apprec

11-Aug-2013 20:04 PM

Comment You are an architect of words who cuts & polishes every word of his creation
so well that spectator feels it amazing & marvellous like me.Thank you very
much for your poem having a quality of repeating and editor's choice.

Nathmal Sharma
11-Aug-2013 15:07 PM

Comment Nathmalji,

Thank you so much for appreciating my verses - muchas gracias!

29-Mar-2013 09:53 AM

Comment 'Fulfillment' fulfils the simplicity and enjoyment of heart.I have read it several times but didn't satiate .A lot of thanks.

Nathmal Sharma
29-Mar-2013 03:40 AM

Comment lovely!! plz read my poem The Rising Sun!!

05-Apr-2012 08:31 AM

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