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Quit Tobacco Before It's Too Late

Chewing, snuffing or smoking,
For pseudo status and thrills.
What kind of wisdom is this?
Tobacco always kills!

No energy, no potency,
Cancer, heart attack, stroke.
Hurts people close to you,
Why do you smoke?

Think of your loving kids,
Your wife, parents and mates.
Can you make them cry?
Still you smoke cigarettes!

Tell me one benefit of tobacco,
Except for the kick.
I will tell you hundred dangers!
Isn't that enough to quit?

With enough proof to ban tobacco,
Its prevalence is a mystery.
Millions die every year,
To benefit tobacco industry.

Industry cheats, lies and fleeces
For you they aren't worried
Make money by killing you
Aren't you being stupid?

Life is so precious,
How beautiful is our globe,
Full of wonderful loving people.
I wonder, why you smoke?

Health is our true wealth,
Don't seal your fate.
Oh friends quit tobacco,
Before it's too late!

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More By  : Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi

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