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Theme: Satire

The Famous Footballer

There is a great sorrow over Portugal, a dark cloud
of tears, the great footballer Eusebio has died.
All the great and mighty in the Portuguese society
tell of their friendship with him, even the president
came out of his shell and declared three days wake.

When the great Nobel prize winner of literature
Jose Saramago died, his departure hardly registered in
the papers...ok. So he wrote novels, big deal.         
Eusebio da Silva born in Mozambique, son of a railway
worker, was a friendly man, just the type of black man
white people like to patronize. Sadly there is a political
angle in this outpouring of grief, Mozambique is rich
and Portuguese industry needs their minerals and oil.
Spilling of tears can be advantageous.



More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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