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I packed up my bags,
My shoes, my clothes,
My toiletries.
Packed everything
I needed
For my holiday
To Norway.

My mind was set
So was my mood
To have a great time.

But when I boarded
The plane, something
Wasn’t right, as if
Something was missing.

I had taken all caution
And a lot of care to see
That nothing goes wrong
And yet, somehow I knew,
Something didn’t feel right.

I checked all over again
Did a memory drill of my mind
To see what was missing.
But it didn’t have a clue

Despite being so pragmatic,
And ‘right’ in all its social codes.

Politically correct, that’s what they say,
When the mind “knows it all”
Yet I knew it didn’t know,
What was missing, what was so wrong
About not having it with me.

I delved deep inside my feelings….
Then did I fathom what was missing,
Without which I felt so empty and inept.

Yes, I packed all what I could take with me
Yet, my heart remained to be with thee….

And so I left my heart, that wouldn’t budge
No matter where I went, it always had to
Holiday with thee, never wanting to come with me.  


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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Comment wow!!

08-Sep-2010 15:05 PM

Comment So sweet.

Ravinder Malhotra
07-Sep-2010 19:09 PM