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Theme: Observation

Did They Know?

He laughed a lot
and people who saw him said
he was a happy man
For, he could not laugh and smile so much
if he was not happy with himself.

They said he loved people,
that no gathering could do
without him,
everything lit up
whenever he entered
any place at any time.

He was a man they said
who needed no one to please him...
he pleased himself
and abundantly.

He always went forward
to help others
to do what he could
in strife, pain and distress

So people thought they knew him
But did they?

Did they know that
every day he laughed for others
but every night he laughed at himself?
Did they know that
pleased though he seemed
pleasure it was, he sought?
Did they know that
when others he helped
most helpless himself he was?
Most lonely
most desirous of company?
Did they know that
it was not people he liked
but people he used
to run away from himself?
Did they know that
in the silent hours of the night
this seemingly laughing man
this man with thought for others
this man so pleasant
longing to be
loved by others
wept silent tears to himself?

A series of Past tense – poems from 1972 – 1986


More By  :  Julia Dutta

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