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Everything changes
Everyone changes
Change is life
Yearning to be free
Freedom to search for a change
Searching for a change
And the changing search
Pushing us forward...
Seeking permanence
Is not the solution
In a world of changing solutions
Accept it my friend…
Because you can’t defeat it!


More By  : Dr. Madhavi Godavarthy

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Comment Thank you sir..for your erudite analysis.

06-Jan-2012 05:53 AM

Comment In its movement and flux life can also be seen as something that is always moving at the same time is static in its dynamism. It is a philosophical question which pertains to the complexity of time, love and death. Coming to terms with this mystifying reality has been one of the main concerns of art in general and poetry in particular.The problem of impermanence in the face of time and death has been a frequent preoccupation of poets since time immemorial.

Ideally, there is permanence in impermanence as it has been said “Pashya devasaya kavyam na mamar na jiryati” but the other voices said,” Man’s yesterday may ne’er be like his morrow;/Nought may endure but Mutability” or, “The laugh dies with the lips, `Love' with the lover.” or, “Here lies one whose name was writ in water” or, “We’re fabric of the road we go;/We settle, but like feathers on time’s flow.”

Ironically, this perception of the duality of mutability and eternity, temporal and timeless as felt by the sensitive few is preserved (Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn”is perhaps one of the best examples) in a work of art:

Shall I be gone long?

For ever and a day.

To whom there belong?

Ask the stone to say,

Ask my song.

The poem “Impermanence” is a fresh exploration of this eternal concern of human beings in a unique blend of perspicacity and precision.

Anil Prasad
06-Jan-2012 01:30 AM

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