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The Lamp is Glowing

In the quiet of my heart, your lamp's glow

Father, your gentle flame, it's softly aglow.

Amidst the shadows, your sacrifice did show,

Simple man, yet deeds like stars in their flow.

Misunderstood by many, for some for sure

In humble ways, your spirit did endure

With each flicker, your love did assure,

That in my heart, your light will endure.

Now, as I bid farewell to your earthly pyre,

Your legacy, like embers, continues to inspire.

In every act of kindness, I feel you nigher,

Father, your light, an eternal fire.

In the depths of my soul, your lamp did ignite,

Father, your presence, a beacon of light.

Silent yet profound, in your sacrifice bright,

Simple needs, noble deeds, in your silent flight.

Without being loud, your essence did speak,

In quiet moments, your love did peak.

Not in words spoken, but in actions unique,

Your presence, a comfort, in the darkest streak.

Now as I stand by your flickering pyre,

A part of me, in grief, does expire.

Your absence, a void, I struggle to admire,

Father, your essence, is my eternal desire.


Image © Arup Ganguly


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