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The computer man sat looking so grim
Wearing thick glasses with a golden rim
He slouched forward on a skewed chair
His shaggy face covered in tousled hair

His eyeballs hounded an erratic cursor
That hovered over a flickering monitor
He jabbed away at the grumbling keys
Hitting them harder for the emphasis

The keyboard rattled at a constant rap
Creaking hoarse at his relentless tap
He sometimes stopped with a glazed look
To seek answers from a withering book

Now and then looked through window sills
Staring at the picture of lifeless hills
His eyes glued to the tranquil views
His mind conflicted over data queues

He pondered over digital transformation
Untying knots in the matrix of information
Through endless lines of complicated code
Through countless cups of hot brew cold

His thoughts often jumped up the ground
Flowed adrift on the technology cloud
Chasing the techno-butterfly to its truth
He lost track of his time and youth

Never the time to enjoy the nature
The world beyond to never venture
Never found what life had to give
Never questioned the purpose to live

If he ever paused by the mirror
It would present his sickly pallor
The reflection of a shaggy old man
Lost in the world of LAN and WAN

The man who forgot how to smile
Or to look beyond the dizzy mile
Crude software code his life's strife
A boy who had forgotten to live his life...



More By  :  Lakshmi Prabha Matham

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