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Theme: Depression

Shadow Plague

Today, I fear again.

The rustling shuffle of disjointed thoughts
Plagues my mind, casting shadows across
The spectrum of my imagination; a thousand
Waves from the placid surface of yesterday.

Black, in all its terrible glory, trickles into
Crevices, staining mind’s light soil;
Corrupting these green shoots of warmth;
Bringing the cold touch of winter’s day to my doorstep.

As icy winds blow, my mind shivers in innocence, unprotected
Against the vagaries of an uncaring invader, and arrows of dark despair
Spread their cold poison throughout my spirit;
Until, lost in a black ice winterland, I fall into sleep;

Where the last vestiges of light keep me warm in hibernation;

Awaiting the spring.


More By  :  Stephen Watson

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