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Werewolf in Vicinity

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What is happening
To this great metropolis?
A woman's mutilated body found
In succession, third in five days
And possibility is not ruled out
For a maniac and serial killer on a prowl.

A young girl abducted and raped
In a fast moving car
Fifth instance in a month.
A child aged six molested
And culprit is a close relative.

An elderly couple found dead
Strangulated and stabbed
Second time in a few weeks
In a posh locality
Even a ransom settled
Between kidnappers and aggrieved
Without involving police for fear
Of mishandling and life loss.

And what to talk of
Numerous petty and pecuniary crimes
Pick-pocketing, theft and robberies.

These are a few breakfast items
Leisurely and liberally served
By the press and electronic media
Through newspapers and numerous channels
As soon as you get up
From a night long sleep and rest,
For many of them it's a TRP business routine.

So one may ask
What is police doing then
When houses and roads are not safe?
Well! Police and law enforcement agencies
Are as prompt and efficient as ever
A reasonable assurance always follows
Often through lengthy press statements
That they are on the right track
That important clues are in hand
And culprits will soon be nabbed.

A nice way to ensure law and order
Security and protection of a commoner!

So are we really safe and secure?
What a common man needs to do...
Available data and trends suggest
Majority of heinous crimes are committed
Often by someone known or close
Could be an acquaintance or a help
Or even a close relative or a friend.

So what do we do then,
When saviours turn a devouring evil -
Werewolves of the society?

Clearly police action is not enough
As an individual and among groups
We need to create an awareness
Take adequate measures and safeguards
'Prevention is always better than cure'
For those who are more vulnerable
By not leaving them unattended
By avoiding exposure of being alone
During late night and certain hours
Even training in self-defence for some.

And above all this,
Have a constant vigil and watch
To apprehend and ward off
The werewolf in the vicinity.

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More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thanks and yes, Rupradha ji, the very thought that someone known whom you trust, may turn evil, is disturbing. The act leaves scars not only on body but also mind (soul) of the victim.

30-Apr-2012 00:24 AM

Comment And above all this,
Have a constant vigil and watch
To apprehend and ward off
The werewolf in the vicinity.
awesome!! I agree!!

29-Apr-2012 10:36 AM

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