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Let us Rule the World through Hearts

Let us Rule the World through Hearts2.jpg
What has become of the children,
they do not look after their parents,
who brought them up,
bearing pain,
and sometimes self-deprivation!
Lamentations of such kind
is heard not infrequently.

But what of the society,
which wrongly applies survival of the fittest,
teaches competition,
and talks of profit, profit and profit,
and nothing else?

Let us instead teach people,
if a tear-drop is shed
in any part of the world,
it will similarly extract a drop of tear
from your eyes too,
some day,
some way.

Let us teach,
you give your best,
for your own pleasure,
not by depriving your own self,
because God resides in you too.

and take without a complaint,
whatever is given to you,
by whoever.

This world is like a garland of pearls.
If you tear the string,
for selfish motives,
all the pearls will be strewn.

Don't you see,
all around,
the world is divided,
is at loggerheads,
tension ridden,

There is only one way to mitigate these.
Let us rule the world through hearts.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Subjectivity is not bad.
We are taught objectivity
which brooks no qualms
in demolihing, dethroning for the sake of objectivity.
Subjectivity is not bad.
Do not make an Afghan an European.
Do not make a Hindu a Muslim.
Do not make a Hindu a Christian.
Do nor convert a Christian to a Muslim.
Conversion is the worst disrespect
to a human's position in the World.
Do not compete, cooperate.
Try equality.
Distribute wealth.
Distribute health.
Distribute love.
Distribute affection.
Share good fortune.
Let us be subjective.
To everyone as per her requirement.
The world will be a better place in no time.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
14-Jan-2013 14:36 PM

Comment This is great thought and sublime feeling..absolutely accurate too!
But difficult as we are condemned in our subjectivity.
How to overcome it?

13-Jan-2013 21:56 PM

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