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The Worst Man on Earth

Long aeons ago did Jupiter, the Roman,
On earth descend with two bags huge.
It’s a Roman myth that I don’t believe,
But tells a tale that’s of much use.

In one he kept Man’s own mistakes,
In the other, those of his neighbour,
And then, to Man on Earth, he gave,
Both of the bags together.

Man flung his mistakes on his back,
Thus hid them from his sight.
The other he cast ahead of him,
And walked into sunshine bright.

From that day Man on Earth became
Oblivious to his own blunders;
He assumed an air of false sainthood,
Most wonderful of all wonders.

He wandered along Life’s thoroughfare,
From start to end, from birth to death;
Looking cynically at others’ faults,
Laughing at others with every breath.

Telling tales of one’s own brother,
Of father, mother, friend and neighbour.
Causing disputes and causing warfare,
Creating enmity that lasts forever.

I too had lived my life this way,
Cheating and stealing and lying away;
But still pretending to be so good,
Like Devil I led my own self astray.

My heart kept dying away in me,
My soul I cast to decadence.
The imposter in me had taken me over
And made myself his residence.

Till the fateful day on which I stood
In front of the mirror of my soul;
Something within me cried out in pain,
I felt within me an empty dark hole.

I sunk within my own abyss.
My eyes looked back upon my eyes.
My good told me about my bad.
My truth told me about my lies.

My heart called out to the skies in pain;
My soul in sorrow cried away.
The worst man on earth lived inside me,
All good in me had died away.

My very existence seemed doubtful to me;
Was I the same human I wanted to be?
I breathed, but inside I knew I was dead;
As lifeless a corpse in the grave could be.

Yesternight I died in me,
Perhaps again on the morrow,
I will be born once more to me;
But with no joys or sorrow.

I call out in hope; listen to my call;
O One whose kingdom is in heaven and earth.
Burn me within me and then from my ashes
Let this moment be my rebirth.

Let me to You, lend me a way.
Inside me I can no longer stay.
I yearn for your love, dear Beloved,
Be with me on the Judgement Day.

To live without You is selfishness,
The beginning of life is to die for You.
The sweetest of names is your name Beloved,
The greatest of pleasures is to cry for You.

I don’t crave for the earth beneath me,
Nor for the mighty heavens above.
Just one more life, one single life,
One single life spent in your Love.


More By  :  Tauseef Warsi

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