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The Ugly and the Beautiful

I have always considered a full nude woman ghastly
for she makes you lose your senses.
A man is handsome
when he is in his full senses.
So I always find porn pictures ugly,
very, very ugly.

The tendency of media trying to sell through women's body
is pitiable.
In reality, I only thought David and Venus
handsome and beautiful.
It is not the body really
but the eye of the sculptor
that one is mesmerised by...
It is no erotica.
It is like a Digambar Jain muni
and the white clad sadhwis.

When will people realise
that well dressed men and women
are far more handsome and beautiful
than nude and semi-nudes?

Pity those show-makers
who will clad men in black suits and neck tie
and make so much effort
to show the cleavages and thighs of women.
As if women have nothing better to show than that!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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Comments on this Poem

Comment You mean Sir, if cleavage is not displayed, if thigh is not shown, a woman will not look attractive! Such thoughts can come if you consider a woman, a commodity. A fully clad woman with just a beautiful hairstyle can make a woman attractive. And you mean sexual attractiveness has to be some kind of a parade before a thousand pairs of ogling eyes! What is the harm if I simply say "the woman is attractive" instead of "the woman is sexually attractive"?

sharbaaniranjan kundu
04-Apr-2012 13:12 PM

Comment If pornography demeans women, one wonders why all women's fashions, an expression of the free choice of women, aspires to be sexually attractive! There is a difference between pornography and fashion: in the former a woman's dignity is sacrificed, in the latter it is enhanced.

04-Apr-2012 07:42 AM

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