Babies and Dogs  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Business Versus Love  by Kulbir Bhalla
Clods of Earth  by Hafeez ur Rehman
Compare Not Illogical Ones!  by T. A. Ramesh
Digits and Words  by Jan Oscar Hansen
Evaluation  by Kulbir Bhalla
Evaluation  by Kulbir Bhalla
He and She  by Aparna Chatterjee
He and You  by Rupradha Mookerjee
Heart and Mind  by Kulbir Bhalla
Heaven and Hell  by Kulbir Bhalla
Heaven and Hell  by Kulbir Bhalla
Love Selfish  by Seshu Chamarty
Man and Mango  by Seshu Chamarty
Nature and Man  by Kulbir Bhalla
Nonesuch  by Dr. Kumarendra Mallick
Now and Then  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Paper Folds  by Hafeez ur Rehman
Photos of Past and Present  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Pigeon  by Shayantika Chakraborty
Prove  by Aparna Chatterjee
Run  by Kingshuk Chakraborty
Sensitivity  by Gurinder Singh Kalsi
Shallow  by Swatantra Sharma
Silence of God!  by T. A. Ramesh
Slow  by T. A. Ramesh
Some Men  by Aparna Chatterjee
Soulmate  by Dr. Jaipal Singh
Speech and Silence  by Dr. Sivanand Veluri
Street Light  by Aparna Chatterjee
The Kettle And The Pot  by Kulbir Bhalla
The Ugly and the Beautiful  by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
Tiger  by R. D. Ashby
Who is Bigger?  by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
You Make Ten Million look like Ten Bucks  by Randy Johnson