Theme: Comparison

Who is Bigger?

Who or what is bigger?
The man or his creation?
First reaction would be:
A man's creation.
But on hindsight:
The man.


A man puts his heart and soul
into his creation.
But the clay?
Obviously the society
in which he lives.

So how is the man bigger
than his creation?
For, he could have been
just mundane.
No eye, no zeal.
Just run of the mill.

But no, the man was different.
He put his soul,
his mind, his body
his faculties.
Though others had them too;
but his was unique.
As if made to create
the unique.

So any man is bigger
than his creation.
Be it Buddha, the Jesus, Mohammad,
or the countless Munis and the Rishis
and those who made their mark
in their lives.

Thank the Creator.
For He too is bigger
than all his creations.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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