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Theme: Grief

I Awake One Radiant Spring Morning

I awake one radiant spring morning;
A dancing smile of contentment playing on my lips,
Spreading its joy to the rest of my tear-stained face;
Washing away the pain and dread of the night before.

For one brief, passing moment
Happiness and tranquility abound.
And the dark clouds, misery's messengers;
Are kept at bay.

Then suddenly, cold reality strikes me,
Like a speeding arrow formed of ice.
Piercing my mind with its ghastly frozen touch;
Shattering my comforting illusions into a thousand
Tiny and fragile pieces.

And the awful questions begin again;

Where are you?

Why did you leave Me?

What did I do?

Tears begin to fall again as the black clouds
Of despair and anger shroud my vision;
Forcing me back deeper and deeper;
Into the furthest reaches of my warmest childhood memories;
The only place that I feel safe and loved.

And Wanted!


More By  :  Stephen Watson

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Comment Thank you Padmaja.

15-Jul-2013 13:00 PM

Comment A touching and heart warming poem - well written and well expressed. Thanks for sharing Mr. Watson.

Padmaja Iyengar
15-Jul-2013 09:53 AM