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I've never liked Bras. They are so constricting and don't make me feel relaxed and free. I always thought they are meant to give shape to women's bosoms and so even if women felt stifled, suffocated or compressed by tight, close-fitting bras, they would still wear it to maintain the shape of their precious bosoms. Now I know it is all a Myth as New Research has shown that Bras in fact, weaken the muscles, ligaments and tendons supporting the breasts, reduce the amount of blood flow volume to their tissues, hence making them sag early in life though other factors such as breast-feeding, obesity and aging can also lead to sagging. Bras can also block lymph nodes, and if lymphatic drainage remains obstructed due to prolonged periods of wearing bras, toxic chemicals can get trapped in the breast, thereby causing cancer. Bras have now been labelled as a 'false necessity'. Going braless fosters healthy blood circulation and reduces the symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease.

Here is one of the many research findings I've been studying on the Net.

Bras Make Breasts Sag, 15-Year Study Concludes


Please share this Health News with the women in your house so that they are well-informed.

As they say: Prevention is Better than Cure :-)


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