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Ocean Of Desire

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Your soul drags my soul into an ocean of passion.
Your gaze fixes my gaze as we invade each other,
You reach my heart in the frenzy of passion,
I give in with pleasure and watch as you conquer.

Our bodies melt into an ocean of desire,
As we rise in ecstasy, higher and higher.
We dance together to the rhythm of desire,
Our bodies slaves to the waves of our passion.

We both are conscious of the thirst of the other,
And drink and drink from that ocean of desire,
The water of which awakens deeper thirst,
And we just cannot have enough of each other.

In a marriage of lips we absorb each other,
As our bodies, powerless, reel with passion.
Your heartbeats answer all the beats of my heart,
In a duet song of passion and desire.

Your skin caresses mine, gently, as we make love,
Awakening in me turmoil of desire.
And I shiver and shudder at each of your touch,
And I keep asking for more'yes, for more.

An explosion of joy invades our bodies.
And the outburst is almost audible.
As the rhythm becomes stronger and stronger,
The wave of passion takes us to incredible heights.

Unable to resist it any longer,
We give in totally wanting to drown in each other.
The waves submerge us into unexplored seas,
And we gasp and cry out as the passion overflows.


More By  :  Neera Lollbeeharry

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