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Fair Judgement

There was a Guru.
Many disciples would come to his Ashram
to listen to him.
But the Guru was not happy.
For there lived a whore
opposite his Ashram.
So the Guru tried all means
to drive away the prostitute
from the vicinity of his Ashram,
without success.
The whore had no other option,
for she had nobody to support herself.
But there was one good thing in her.
She would listen to the Guru's discourse
from her residence.

The Guru and the whore carried on with their avocations.
When their time was over
both passed away on the same day.
The Yamraj sat on judgement
and declared that the Guru would go to hell
and the whore to heaven.
The Guru was aghast!
One who led a pious life
would go to hell;
and the despicable profession notwithstanding
she would go to heaven!

He protested.
But the judgement was explained thus:
When the Guru died
his body was taken in a cavalcade of followers
with extreme respect;
but the whore's body was attended by vultures
and other cannibals.
Their body got just treatment.
But, as for the soul,
Guru's mind always worked against the whore,
whereas the whore listened to Guru's discourses attentively!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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