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A Couple of Lines

From student you became a teacher,
from teacher to a speaker
When will you leave all this
and truly become a seeker?

Don’t tell others what to do,
for they will do what they came here to do
How can you help anybody
when you don’t even know who is you?

If silence is perfect
Does it imply that perfection is ever silent?

He reports happenings
while she creates news
Where is the peace -
an end to this labyrinth of views?

The truth never comes
nor it goes
Why do you forget this
and get caught in the transient throes?

Everybody is looking for something
while he looked for nothing
But isn’t nothing still
looking for something?

He says he is realized,
she says she is in bliss
They still seek an audience,
isn’t there something amiss?

They say happiness is combating
the mind and ceasing all thought
Aren’t you trying to win a battle
that is never even fought?

If Mantra is the seed
and japa is the nourishment
Why create a crop that keeps changing,
and is never itself permanent?

Objects are many
observer is one
When will you reach
where there is nothing more to be done?

Some are surviving,
others are thriving
Is there anyone who is peaceful
with no need for striving?

Guru taught
that real Guru is inside of you
Live that truth,
why keep forgetting such a wonderful clue?


More By  :  Maalok

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