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Rape of Innocence

Delhi Gang Rape-5.jpg

The nation shall never ever forget
that savage bloody night of December 16, 2012 –
the darkest day for Indian democracy,
when 23 years of chastity, youth and innocence of a paramedical student
was gang-raped by 6 predators in Delhi - the ‘rape capital of India’
Her terrifying screams for help were muffled by
the evil echoes of Lucifer's laughter.
Cold vicious hands touching, hurting and probing her bareness all over
As every piece of her feminine clothing was ripped off mercilessly -
shattering her honorable hopes and rosy dreams
Filthy fluids of their sweating hideous beastly bodies
mingled with her own blood as they robbed her virtuous virginity.
Staring vacantly with empty eyes, she lay in a dark pit of sniveling shame -
Alas, humanity died a thousand deaths that moment
when the entire dignity of womanhood was disgraced…
Later, as she slept on the tear-soaked pillow of the hospital bed,
horrendous nightmares prowled in her slumber
and visions of  atrocious assaulters emerged in her terrified psyche
like an outlandish flashback -
Covered with lamenting lesions and suffering from anguished aches
inflicted on her tormented body,
With her life she waged a brave but fatal battle!
Although the daughter of India now rests in her eternal sleep
entire nation has saluted and applauded unanimously
her incredible fighting spirit.
Oh, Countrymen,
Mother India weeps and her head hangs in shame, revulsion and grief –
So extinguish the silent candle-marched protests
and pledge to make our country safer for all women!
Let’s wake up from our selfish slumber and do some deep soul-searching
Come, rise high above from the depths of this insensitive impotent society
to fight for justice and demand for a pertinent punishment for the monsters
Now castration of these satanic savages only seems to be a befitting sentence
I ponder – justice was always blind, but is it dead now?

As the rapes are still very much rampant, my magmatic anger erupts from my volcanic pento and pours out the lava in the form of this poem…
Image © Bharat B. Trivedi


More By  :  Bharat B. Trivedi

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thanks for your encouraging feedback, which will certainly help to bloom the budding poet in me...

02-Jan-2013 03:09 AM

Comment Can feel your inner connect with the anguish, pain and suffering. Keep it up.

01-Jan-2013 14:36 PM

Comment A fabulous and awakening read. Its not just a poem but truely a desperate voice that needs to be heard by our Nation.

Thank you for this hair raising masterpiece.

Nandita Trivedi
01-Jan-2013 12:51 PM

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