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Female Feticide


What could be more brutal
Than liquidating before
A life has opportunity
To be born?

Prevailing social evils...
Female infanticide was so common
Now feticide is a major menace
Misuse of medical advancements
For prenatal sex determination
Continue to remain main cause
For abortion of female fetuses
In urban and rural masses.

What adds insult to injury!
The ironical social ethos...
Daughters are seen to cause
Social and economic burden
While the son is perceived
As security for the old age
Besides performing rites and rituals
For deceased parents and ancestors,
Contrary to the fact
That daughters are more caring
During life and old age.

Strict laws and penalties...
Deterrents are in place
Yet remain mostly unimplemented
To punish, check or discourage
Obnoxious and abhorrent practice.

The adverse gender ratio
With dwindling female populace
We are doomed to self destruct
Unless the ordinary citizen
Vows and volunteers
To curb and curtail feticide
In support for the cause.

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More By  : Dr. Jaipal Singh

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Comments on this Poem

Comment These are paradoxes of time! In fact, my own observation has been with many people in the contemporary society and higher offices that more they commit sin more they repose faith in God through various rituals. What we preach or expect others to do, many of us seldom follow in our own life..

02-Sep-2012 00:34 AM

Comment On one hand people say, "I believe in God", on the other hand when they do feticide they in fact prove to be "anti-God". For that what is naturally created /procreated is yet the creation of God. To "kill" the creation is to doubt the very design and creative concepts of God. Shame on such hypocrites. Shame on people who talk of "peace" and yet keep on "killing" every day.

Roy D'Costa
01-Sep-2012 11:39 AM

Comment Yes, I can understand your commitment and concern for poetry and fellow poets. Getting up so early at the wee hours to read and review itself speaks of volumes. I have never been good at words but I sincerely appreciate in mind and heart.

When I wrote I had largely Indian scenario in mind. With so much education and awareness available to avoid unwanted pregnancies, such statistics in US are indeed shocking. In India, I can understand position of poor and illiterate to some extent but what is more revealing and disturbing is that the practice is prevalent at large scale among educated and privileged.

I am aware of some statistics but the fact is that a majority of such occurrences remains unreported.

01-Sep-2012 00:08 AM

Yes, the photo reveals some shocking statistics on Feticide.

I've been out and about with my family. Rajender Ji had been overseeing in my absence.

Today, I read your poem and many others recently published on Boloji, checking to see if all's well with each poesy :) also giving some of them appropriate theme and imagery.

Took me a lot of time to scan through so many poems published in such a short span of time !!!

Along with yours, quite a few poems have made it to Ed's Choice today as I found them really beautiful and meaningful.

31-Aug-2012 21:33 PM

Comment Photo goes well with the theme..Thanks a lot, Aparna Ji, for finding it and liking the poem.

31-Aug-2012 19:56 PM

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