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Most marriages apparently are inappropriate.

A handsome man often marries
a very ordinary looking woman.
A beautiful woman often marries a tycoon
who can give her only loads of money
and nothing else.

A tall man is often attracted to a tiny;
a weakling is enamored by a buxom
and a petite is picked up by a rogue!

What balancing act nature plays
is incomprehensible!

A turn-on often becomes a nightmare
in no time;
newspapers abound in such stories
day in and day out.
Men and women play these sex games
by millions
through millennia.

Have we produced better men
than Rama, Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha
or Christ, Muhammad, Nanak,
or a few dozens of other Godmen
and saints we follow?

Yes, we are more knowledgeable
by multitudes, by disciplines.

We are better equipped
to fight diseases,
but kill each other too!

But we still have to quote Socrates and Plato.
We still have to swear by the Gita,
or the Bible or the Koran
and other religious scripts.

Men and women however
keep on playing these incongruous sex games
called marriages,
however inappropriate,
for what?
Just libido!
Or the dark inside
called psychology!
Or transmigration
of the Atman, the soul
in its final journey
to the Ultimate,
the Paramatman?


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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