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Oh, Delhi!


Oh, Delhi!
Why do they rape so much
and you have to face so much rapping?
With a series of sordid sagas
why are the sex-maniac, sex-starved, sex-ridden
playing even today in the cruel claws 
of Duryodhans and Dusshashans
of modern Mahabharata?
In the olden days they stripped Draupadi,
tried to defile her chastity and destroy her modesty
and now enjoying rapes?
Why do you have a so-called mask on,
of a cosmopolitan look
with a progressive thought -
a clarion for democratic equality
standing tall wearing the crown of  Capital
for women’s liberation and emancipation?
Why don’t you obliterate those big dark blots
from your face and restrain and abstain 
from committing such nefarious deeds?
Oh, Delhi! Why don’t you
cure them with the medication of spirituality
and make them drink syrup of ethical values
that your glory has been using since long,
To treat all the global rotten malaise?


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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