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The Dark and The Light

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Would you deny a rose its thorns
Or a bull its horns?
Would you deny summer its storms
Or Nature her varied forms?

Can there be night without day
Or a yes without a nay?
Can there be love without some trace of hate?
Why then, are we never sorry until it's too late?

Is there not both a moon and a sun?
Why then, is it from me you run?
You see the light side of my day,
That's when you come around to play
While the dark side of my night
Scares you away like a bird in flight

There are two sides to every coin
The dark and the light; in love they join.
For every up there is a down
And every smile conceals a frown
Every pleasure hides some pain
Beauty to one is to another quite plain

A rose seeks protection through its thorns
A bull is respected because of its horns
Summer is cooled some by its storms
And Nature's more beautiful for her varied forms

Love is not shallow
Nor is it one-sided
Love runs the full gamut of emotions
It is all-encompassing


More By  :  Jerry Sarvas

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